Reflections on my social media Grand Rounds


Over the past 2 days,after participating in Grand Rounds,我在演讲后做了我一直做的事。我在脑子里重复了这个过程,and tried to 必威体育understand what I had done well and not as well.But this time,given the new topic,我的思考使我对社交媒体的使用以及与博士一起进行的“大实验”的重要性有了一些启发。Matt Watto to discuss podcasting.

My first 必威体育understanding was that blogging has mostly served me.它给了我一个成为更好作家的平台。But more important it has allowed me to put my ideas down on paper.This process allows me to test out ideas,concepts,and methods for making my thoughts more clear.It allows me to give the ideas a test.这些想法并不都奏效,but many do.Many become refined as I try to express my thinking.

Facebook on the other hand is simply (for me) a method to keep in touch.I do learn how former students and residents are faring.但这是我最不重要的社交媒体。

Twitter has become a major part of my personal continuing education.Because of my twitter habit,I have set a standard of tweeting at least one important medical concept each day.Most often these refer to an article in the literature or a podcast.

Podcasting is rapidly becoming a major method in medical education.我有一位同事采用播客作为获得CME和MOC学分的主要方法。She has young children,works part-time,and would have difficulty going to conferences and classes.她发现播客很方便,对她的工作和生活平衡有重要贡献。

许多居民在健身时也会收听播客,或者上下班的时候。They love medicine,在那些时候享受学习。

These ideas seem more clear than prior to developing and giving the Grand Rounds,but none of these are as important as my "big reveal".

与马特的谈话显然是我们大回合的亮点(持续了大约20-25分钟)。Both colleagues and residents told me how much they enjoyed the conversation.路边人和随叫随到的年报都是对话。

当我听播客时,我发现最有趣的是那些涉及对话的。所以,当我思考这个现象时,I wondered if this should be part of more Grand Rounds.

Residents in our program rate morning reports and Clinical Problem Solving conferences as their best learning experiences.These are conversations.

有两个或两个以上的人讨论一个话题,clarifying thoughts and posing follow up questions,帮助我更好地吸收一个话题。The classic lecture is usually boring as hell.我做过很多大的讲座。经过多年的磨练,我的技能得到了很好的评价。No matter how well I do,我非常喜欢交谈,讨论患者并尝试应用和扩展知识以帮助患者。

I think this is a personal epiphany.我们需要弄清楚如何把对话融入我们的教学专业。I hope this makes sense to you the reader.打这个可以帮助我处理这些想法。


I am a business person and a large part of my undergraduate program was taught by lawyers.他们带来了和法学院课堂上使用的相同的给予和采取的讨论形式。The result was a great deal of class interaction.

The results were people expanded their information base beyond the text book and instructor's knowledge.

We also learned to respect others ideas and perspective.


和医生打交道我发现他们从来没有错,and if they are,他们只是改变事实。
I am still dealing with medical staff years after an issue who tell me from the start I am wrong about my diagnosis.The problem being this diagnosis was given at a regional medical center,one of four in the US capable of treating my condition.



This is a really thoughtful post,博士。Centor.在住院期间,我一直在跟踪您,并非常喜欢您在Twitter上的贡献以及您正在进行的各种播客。

你认为如何进一步扩展你的论点,并将谈话作为本科医学教育的一部分?当我在2010-2014医学院的时候,在我的学校的头2年里,大部分的学习都是以讲座为基础的,and many students just skipped it because it was really boring and inefficient learning that way.